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What Was the Original Plating on Muscle Car Brake Boosters? The Answer May Surprise You!

It's Zinc Dichromate. And We've Got the Receipts!

We’re sometimes asked what brake boosters actually looked like when they were brand new. Owners want to know what plating material they should use to restore their boosters to their original condition. Some have heard from other “experts” that boosters were never shiny or that they weren’t zinc dichromate.

In fact, that is not the case. These photos of boosters from a 1970 Chevelle, a 1967 442, a 1965-66 Corvette a 1969 Camaro with their original plating still intact speak for themselves. As you can see, they were zinc dichromate and are a good representation of nice plating on Delco Moraine boosters.

1970 Chevelle brake booster and 1967 442 brake booster
1970 Chevelle (left) and 1967 442 (right)
1965-1966 Corvette brake booster and 1969 Camaro brake booster
1965-1966 Corvette (left) and 1969 Camaro (right)

Not only that, but our predecessors also obtained this letter from the Delco Chassis Division stating that the plating used in 1969 was definitely zinc dichromate! It’s been posted on various GM discussion boards over the years. In modern slang, they call that showing the receipts!

Delco Moraine Letter Affirming Zinc Dichromate

Granted, they didn’t always look this nice. At Brake Boosters we’ve disassembled 14,000+ boosters over the last few decades, and we can assure you GM wasn’t always concerned about having just the right plating hues!

Plating & Restoration Services

If you’re ready to get your brake booster, master cylinder or metering values or switch blocks restored, give us a shout. We also have fully restored boosters available with matching numbers available for purchase for select models. We also provide plating services, using a range of materials, for caliper brackets, hood latches, jack shafts and more.


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