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Tin Wall
  • What do I need to do to prepare the parts for shipping? Must they be stripped?
    There are a number of steps you must do before shipping your parts to us, the most important of which is making sure they are free of grease and grime. To produce the highest quality results, we prefer to strip any remaining undercoating or paint ourselves. In some cases, we may also need to polish a part first before it can be readied for plating. See our Shipping page for details.
  • Why do you polish my parts?
    We polish parts first to remove unsightly blemishes from rust pits, sandblasting or scratches. Parts are then textured to bring them closer to an original look prior to plating. This provides a consistent adhesion surface, creating the best optimal result.
  • Will I get my own parts back?
    Yes, the parts you send are the same ones you'll get back unless we mutually decide together they need replacement.
  • What types of items do you plate?
    Our main items are power brake boosters, but we can plate virtually anything made out of metal (e.g., cast iron, steel) such as machine parts. Our most popular services are coil brackets, pulleys and fans, nuts and bolts, caliper brackets, smog parts and jack shafts, to name a few. If there's a part you don't see listed, simply contact us and we'll discuss whether it's something we handle.
  • How long will the plating last?
    With proper storage and care, our customers report their plated items are still looking great 10, 15 and even 18 years later. In contrast, a poor vehicle storage condition will reduce that time, impacting not just the plating but the entire care. Please read and follow the Product Care instructions completely.
  • How will my plating compare to the original?
    The plating we offer is the optimum quality of plating for each color. There are many Pros and Cons to be discussed on this subject, but few a thoughts to keep in mind are: This is quality plating to enhance the restoration of your favorite vehicle. Production plating from most manufacturers ran the gamut from terrible to pretty nice! We've taken apart boosters where the back half was almost black and the front half gold. What restorer would accept that now?
  • How much will a box of plating cost?
    There's not a one-size-fits-all answer to this question, so it's difficult to give an exact quote over the phone. The answer is based on several variables, including: How many pieces are there? How many types of plating are needed? What are the sizes of the pieces? Are they being barrel plated (cheaper, but not always better) or hand wired in strands (better, but not cheaper)? We generally need to have the parts in-hand or do some sort of visual assessment of them in order to give a fair quote. For individual components, you can find pricing on your Pricing page.
  • What's the best time of year to send my parts?
    Our busiest times are usually January through June as customers prepare for the car show season. We can generally turn things around more quickly in the last half of the year.
  • What kind of warranty can I expect?
    All items are restored to your satisfaction. Plating is warranted for one year, subject to storage conditions and as long as you follow the product care instructions. Boosters have a warranty on their operation no matter how long you have them. Exceptions, of course, are damage or misuse.
  • How do I care for my parts once they're plated?
    Depending on the type of plating you received, you'll want to treat each differently. Zinc Dichromate becomes tough with age, for example, but is vulnerable when freshly applied. See the Caring for Your Parts section on the Services page of Detail Plating.
  • How long has Brake Boosters been in business?
    In May of 2020, Mike and Norine Gibbons took over Brake Boosters from long-time owner, Steve Gregori, who owned the company for 37 years. Steve continues to play an important role during the transition. You can find out more here.
  • Do you do chrome plating?
    As a general rule, we stick to our specialty, which is Zinc-based plating. Though we don't normally do chrome plating, if you've got a significant project for us and want to have chrome plating included, contact us and we'll do what we can to make it happen.
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