Reproduction vs. Original



Reproduction vs. Original

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Since the introduction of Chinese built reproduction brake boosters, there has been endless debate about whether to restore your original or buy one of the millions of reproductions offered to restorers of GM Muscle cars.  Common complaints heard about the reproduction boosters are that they are easy to spot on your beautifully restored GM car.  Look at the triangular shaped impressions in the face of the original compared to the repro.  See that they are smaller and have much sharper lines on the repro.  You can see that this is even noticeable in photos as well as in person.  The Delco Moraine stamps don’t match the originals either.

 The failure rate for the repros seems to be quite high.  If you search, you should be able to find discussions on the internet where people have had to go thru several repro boosters, trying to get one that will work.  Many times, the vendor can’t help those customers with a warranty replacement, leaving the customer to have to buy another one.  My boosters almost never come back for that reason.

I understand that there is a price difference between the cost of a Chinese repro and the cost to restore your original.  I ask that you remember that this is part of the brake system that helps stop your car!!  It seems fairly important to have the right part for the job.  I recommend that you do some homework before you make your decision…..

Sample A

Reproduction Original
Reproduction on left
Original on the right


Updated May 26th, 2020